Drum Mastery: Learn from the Pro!

Shure provides you with a series of Workshops from our drum professional Darren Ashford to help you gain additional knowledge. The workshop videos will be added bi-weekly. Keep revisiting this page for the latest tips/tricks & workshops.

WORKSHOPS   |   ARCHIVE (Workshops 2011/2012)

Workshop No. 17: Microphones & Monitor Mixing with Mark Buckley

Mark Buckley (monitoring engineer for Sir Tom Jones & Ronan Keating) talks microphones & monitor mixing in this latest issue of the Shure Drum Mastery Series. Monitoring has changed a lot over recent years, and In this interview with Darren Ashford, Mark shares his expertise and experience live from London’s O2 Arena.


Workshop 16: Mixing Your Drum Multi-Track [Posted: 14.06.2013]

This is the last part of our series on mixing a drum kit in the studio with recording engineer Jay Stapley. With this workshop you will get some very helpful hints and tips in order to produce a mix that is more appealing to listeners.


Workshop 15: Applying Reverb To Your Drum Mix [Posted: 10.05.2013]

Your drum mix sound too dry and unnatural? With this lesson you will gain a greater understanding on how to make use of artificial reverb to add acoustic space to your drum recording.


Workshop 14: Dealing With Phase On Your Recordings (Part 2) [Posted: 16.04.2013]

You lack sound quality caused by phase cancellation?

This is the second part of our workshop on how to deal with the phase relationships on drum recordings.


Workshop 13: Dealing With Phase On Your Recordings (Part 1) [Posted:15.03.2013]

How to deal with phase cancellation on your recordings? With this workshop you will gain a greater understanding on managing the phase relationships to get more out of your drum recording.

Workshop 12: Compression basics for drummers with Jay Stapley [Posted: 22.02.2013]

The next video in our Drum Mastery series is dedicated to another important tool: Compression. Recording engineer Jay Stapley shows how compression may help you to achieve your desired drum sound.

Workshop 11: Applying gates to your drums with Jay Stapley [POSTED: 01.02.2013]

How to use gates to avoid picking up the sound of other drums with the microphone that is supposed to pick up just the sound of a specific drum?

In this lesson recording engineer Jay Stapley gives you a greater understanding on applying gates to your drum recording.


Workshop 10: EQ'ing your drums with Jay Stapley [POSTED: 18.01.2013]

This lesson will help you to gain a greater understanding on manipulating your drum sound. Recording Engineer Jay Stapley (Westernhagen, Ian Hunt, Pat Orchard) shows how to use EQ'ing to create a clear drum sound on your recording.


WORKSHOPS   |   ARCHIVE (Workshops 2011/2012)

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Darren Ashford

Darren has been playing drums professionally since 1991. In that time he has performed with Chaka Khan, Joss Stone, The Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Guthie, Beverley Knight, Omar, Roy Ayres to name but a few. He has a monthly educational column in Drummer Magazine, is a teacher at London's Institute of Contemporary Music, and has his own Drum Lesson Academy where he teaches drummers of all levels. He somehow also finds time for his Drum Lesson podcasts, and the occasional tour!

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